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Search Engine Management

Is your company trying to drive more sales calls or online transactions to your business, but not quite sure how to get the results? Start driving more traffic to your site and expand your sales with QuickLaunch's search engine marketing product. QuickLaunch SEM™ is our fully managed advertising product that is backed by our company's knowledgeable search professionals with over thirty years of practical experience in the online advertising industry. Allow us to broaden your consumer market, while you take care of your important customers.

Signing up for our QuickLaunch SEM™ advertising campaign requires absolutely no previous knowledge of online advertising. All you have to do is give our personal account managers fifteen minutes of your time to gather basic information dealing with your business, budget, and goals. Then we are able to get your campaign up and running. It's that simple.

QuickLaunch SEM™ ensures a prominent display of your advertisement on leading search sites such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. When your specific keywords are entered it results in the best possible chance to generate a 'click-through' to your website. Your company pays only after the potential customers click on your advertisement.

When consumers click on your advertisement, QuickLaunch SEM™ tracks precisely how they explore your website. Your company will be able to distinguish which products or offers are attracting consumer attention and whether your website is effectively designed to generate leads.

Our product can monitor and track when consumers contact your business by email and telephone, or if they print offer coupons from the site. This allows us to distinguish which search engines and keywords generate the most calls, emails, and sales. In addition we can also record each phone call which helps you better understand your sales team and customers. It gives you a full understanding of your customer's needs and is used to monitor and train employees. We also provide full reporting and tracking of your campaign.

Let us help you optimize and increase your Return on Investment (ROI).

Sign up today with an QuickLaunch SEM™ advertising campaign and drive more customers to your site! We place you one step ahead of your competitors by turning searchers into consumers.

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