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Local and National Pay Per Click (PPC)

Internet advertising is the only form of advertising that can track the exact effectiveness of your advertising investment and determine exactly how much it costs you to make a sale. This allows you to track your Return on Investment (ROI) down to the penny.

QuickLaunch offers pay per click advertising to an audience that is not typically reached by the major search engines. If you already advertise with the major search engines and need more traffic or want a lower cost per click, then QuickLaunch PPC™ is the perfect choice. QuickLaunch can offer you effectual and targeted results and provide you with the widest reach including full reporting and campaign management options.

QuickLaunch PPC Features:

  • An easy to use user interface
  • Ability to track multiple campaigns
  • Advanced targeting features
  • Keyword suggestion tools
  • Complete API's to integrate our data into your backend
  • Personal Account Manager to handle all of your needs

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