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Target Your Audience:
Contextual Advertising

QuickLaunch is able to contextually target your advertisement based on the keywords entered by users and searchers. This allows your advertisement to be displayed on pertinent Web sites related to content specifically geared to your product or service. Contextual advertising technology works by publishing your text or rich media advertisements on our relevant affiliated Web sites that match best to your selected keywords or channels.

Contextual advertising allows your ad to be clicked on more frequently due to the refined and relevant user audience most interested in what you do. Our goal is to continuously improve our technology to increase your return on investment (ROI).

Create Your Ad

You are able to create text, graphics, rich media, pop under or interstitial ads that coincide with the marketing of your product and/or service.

Refine Your Audience

You can target your audience by selecting keywords, locations, time/day targets, and a channel of interest. These tools allow you to connect to the most relevant and refined audience of searchers!

Attract the Right Users

Prospective customers are redirected back to your website to learn more about your company, products or services, as well as place an orders.

Reach More Customers

QuickLaunch is able to put your ads in front of millions of targeted audiences to drive traffic and increase revenue for your business.

Target the Right Audience

QuickLaunch's contextual advertising technology uses geographic and demographic targeting allowing you to specify your audience. We ensure your ads will reach the right people looking for your product or services.

Optimize Your Results

Optimize your campaign with our ROI tracking and detailed reporting. You will have the ability to outbid the most converted keywords, sites, and channels. You can also remove your selected items if they are ineffective to your campaign.

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Target Your Audience

QuickLaunch allows you to target your contextual advertising campaign.

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